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WPQR qualification according to ISO 15614-1 to 14
Abbreviations used and related standards:

pWPS:  Preliminary welding procedure. Preliminary WPS
WPS:  Specifikace svařovacího postupu. Welding procedure specification
WPQR:  Welding procedure qualification report
Welding supervision:  Manufacturer's employee (also external), qualified according to EN ISO 14 731
Testing body:  Entity accredited by ČIA o.p.s. to conduct inspections
Inspector:  Qualified employee of the Inspection Body
ISO 15 607:  Determination and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials.
ISO 15 609-1 až 6: Determination and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials.
ISO 15 614-1 až 14: Determination and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials.
ISO 14 731:  Welding supervision. Tasks and responsibilities.
ISO/TR 15 608:  Basic welded materials
WPQR qualification procedure:
I. Processing - pWPS:
Based on the production requirements and needs of the manufacturer (type of weld, thickness and type of welded material, welding method and position, etc.), the welding supervisor will design and process preliminary welding procedures – pWPS, which should be consulted with our inspector in advance.

II. Preparation of samples:
Sheet metal preparation (size and number of plates)
BW 350 x 150 mm - 2 pcs <<< FW 350 x 150 mm - 2 pcs <<< Tube. length 150 mm - 2 pcs
Preparation of bevels for BW welds according to ISO 9692-1

III. Preparation of documentation:
* Certificate for basic material, Certificate for additional material,
* Calibration of the welder if it has digital indicators (A and V),
* If they are not digital, it is advisable to have a calibrated clamp ammeter available.

IV. Welding of test specimens:
After meeting the above requirements, it is possible to proceed with welding the samples. We recommend preparing two sets of samples for each WPQR (in the case of a defect). The inspector arrives at the welding site, where the welder welds the samples under their supervision and in the presence of the welding supervisor. During welding, the inspector records the necessary data (A, V, time, temperature, etc.)

V. Taking over the samples:
The inspector shall take over the welded samples and ensure their assessment of the NDT non-destructive test (visual, penetration, magnetic, irradiation, ultrasound) and if the sample passes all NDT tests, mechanical tests shall be performed to the extent required by the relevant standard (macroscopic, tensile, bending, notched toughness, hardness, etc.)

VI. WPQR protocol
Based on the positive results of non-destructive and destructive tests, the testing body shall issue a WPQR Inspection Certificate and hand it over to the manufacturer.

WPQR qualification procedure:
We offer customer audits, inspections and tests for the welding and production of structures.

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